Acupuncture and Depression: Help from Chinese Medicine 

This section explains my personal experiences with depression in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It also includes various mental and emotional disturbances, showing how traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) views depression and reveals the techniques TCM uses to promote better mental and emotional health.

However, before we begin, I must tell you that this condition can be very serious and in many cases the outcome is unpredictable.

And I do know that by just being able to talk to someone when you need to, can make all the difference.

So if you feel you must speak to someone straight away, Beyond Blue in Australia (opens in a new window) offers more information plus a telephone support. So call the number on their website.

If you live in the USA, UK or another country, please check with your local Health authority or do a search for facilities offered in your country.

Now, let's continue...

In order to make it easier for you to understand depression or mood disorders, I present here two points of view, one based on the Western medical paradigm and the other on the Chinese medical paradigm. There are in fact, parallels and overlapping ideas in both systems.

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Please keep in mind that information presented here is aimed at helping you understand depression. It does not replace a full diagnosis and treatment by a registered health professional.

Acupuncture as a different system of medicine

For the Western trained mind, it is important to consider that Chinese medicine and Western medicine are discrete systems. Although they are complimentary, they should be understood separately.

There are differences in the ways in which illnesses are described and the causes attributed. Accordingly, treatment methods and the prevention of illness differ. In particular, it is important to know that Chinese medicine is not a disease-oriented model in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Instead, it is a bio-energy based system.

Chinese herbal medicine has developed over the past 5,000 years, waxing and waning, as dictated by political and social spheres of the time. Ideas have been constantly tested in clinical practice, the worthless rejected and the useful absorbed. China, being one of the most populated countries in the world, provided a wide and varied supply of patients on which treatments could be tested and proven.

Before implementation into mainstream Chinese medical practice, the first test of validity was to prove that its practice gave positive and healthy results. Success was the only proof required. This legacy guaranteed the effectiveness of Chinese medicine and contributed to its survival, right through from its early Shamanistic and Imperial years in China to the new millennium in the West.

Today traditional Chinese medicine is a valuable medical system consisting of medical theories, philosophies, lifestyle and self healing practices and best of all, thousands of years of practice and observation by both teachers and practitioners. Drawing on this worthwhile resource has led to the suggestions offered in this article, which is a synthesis of the wide empirical experiences amassed in ancient and modern Chinese health practices.

Treatment of Depression and associated symptoms

Traditional Chinese medicine, that is, a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be helpful in the treatment of various types of depression.

If you would like to start a course of treatment to help you with depression, please telephone the clinic on 9796 2388 or contact us here.

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